DATE OF INDUCTION: January 21, 1999
CAREER SPAN: 1974-1994
COMPETITION TYPE: Type Oval, Sno-cross
BRANDS RACED: Yamaha, Polaris
One of snowmobile racing's most successful modified class drivers, Tim Bender became a racing legend during the 1980s as he displayed his amazing talents as a driver aboard Yamaha snowmobiles beginning in 1982. Racing in the OSRF and USSA, Bender was a versatile performer capable of winning in both oval and snocross events.

Among his many accomplishments are seven overall points championships in OSRF and a handful of high-point titles in USSA. His two-decades-long-win record includes the famous Muscle Machine snowcross title and the Kawartha Cup in 1985 and a two-time Adirondack Cup racing Formula I machines in 1990-91. While he posted wins in many classes and types of snowmobile racing, Bender will always be remembered for his incredible four year-string of Formula III wins at Eagle River, dominating the class in 1985-1988.

Besides establishing one of the greatest win records scored by any driver to ever race Yamaha, Bender designed and built several Yamaha-based limited-build racing machines including the SR-V and Phazer Wide-Body racers, the Bender SX and Bender Outlaw, Terminator and Avalanche specials during the 1980s, sleds he drove to many of his big career victories.


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