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by Modine HotDawg Garage Heaters
to be held on Saturday, February 18, 2017.



DATE OF INDUCTION: February 13, 2016
CAREER SPAN: 1968 - Present
BRANDS REPRESENTED: John Deere, Arctic Cat

Behind most great racers there exists an equally great tuner-technician whose talent and skill elicit the maximum capability of the snowmobile and, together, the pair rise to achieve the sport's highest successes. Hubert Fixsen of Willmar, Minn., has been that special tuner, mechanic and engineer thanks to his masterful talent, creativity and unending desire for improvement.

Fixsen rose to national prominence in 1976 when he built the Winnipeg I-500 cross-crountry winning John Deere piloted by Brian Nelson. The duo of Fixsen/Nelson was a powerful, race-winning juggernaut that notched individual wins and the 1976 high-point title in ICCSF. When they switched to Arctic Cat for 1977, Fixsen designed a cross-country suspension kit for the El Tigre that Nelson would pilot to a second I-500 win in 1978, in addition to many more race victories. He first retired as a snowmobile race mechanic when Nelson quit racing in 1980, but returned in the early 1990s to help Team Arctic's Jeremy Fyle win in ISOC cross-country competition.

Throughout his career, Fixsen's mechanical aptitude and creative mind proved key in the design and engineering of key snowmobiles, most notably in the areas of chassis and suspension. In addition to the first long-travel suspension package he designed for the Cross-Country El Tigre, Fixsen also conceived the chassis and front suspension for the original 1993 Arctic Cat ZR and was instrumental in that model's remarkable evolution and success for the remainder of the decade. He continued to consult and provide engineering to Arctic Cat as recently as 2007.

DATE OF INDUCTION: February 13, 2016
CAREER SPAN: 1980 - Present
BRANDS REPRESENTED: Polaris, Yamaha, Arctic Cat

One of the most formidable and accomplished racers of the 1980s and 1990s, Steve Houle of Forest Lake, Minn., amassed a stunning record of wins and championships in the highest levels of oval, snocross and cross-country competition. Houle's fiery competitveness and keen mechanical knowledge were key ingredients to his individual racing success from 1980 until his retirement in 1996, as well as the remarkable success of his aftermarket and racing companies, Speedwerx and Hot Seat Performance.

His first racing success came in the early 1980s in cross-country, where he won the XC World Championships, World Series and high point titles in CCC competing on Polaris and Yamaha machines. Houle focused on snocross and ice-lemans racing in the mid-1980s as a member of the Yamaha "Dream Team". He captured three consecutive championships in MRP as well as World Series titles and he won the coveted Toyota/Yamaha Formula Challenge three consecutive seasons in 1986-1988, piling up more than 50 individual class victories. In the late 1980s Houle returned to Polaris and became on of the most decorated oval racers of his era, claiming eight wins at the Eagle River World Championships - including the 1993 Formula III title - plus three World Series titles. He amassed more than 60 total wins in oval competition, including 16 career Formula III victories and a string of 18 consecutive wins in the Mod II class. Houle returned to his cross-country roots in the mid-1990s to notch multiple victories in ISOC during its first heyday.

Houle's racing and business success were possible in large part to his remarkable engineering and tuning talent and his unrelenting work ethic. After winding down his own career in the late 1990s, Houle launched Hot Seat and Speedwerx to develop high-performance engines, clutching, snowmobile race sleds and more. Since then, racers using Speedwerx-built engines and clutching have amassed a Pro class win record that includes more than 120 national snocross victories; 28-plus X Games medals (including more than 12 gold medals) in a variety of disciplines; 68-plus World and National championships; and 16 Jackson Hole World Championship hillclimb titles.

DATE OF INDUCTION: February 13, 2016
CAREER SPAN: 1992 - 2001

In the early 1990s Brad Pake of Felton, Minn., stormed onto the flourishing cross-country and snocross scene to quickly become one of the most accomplished and successful racers of his generation. Combining immense talent and desire with a powerful work ethic and versatility, Pake scored wins at the biggest events and in multiple disciplines as a key member of Team Arctic.

Pake's first pro win occurred in 1995 in cross-country's famed monument: the Winnipeg I-500. He repeated the win a year later during a season in which he also claimed Pro 440 wins at three ISOC cross-country events, the ISOC Triple Crown and was named Racer of the Year by three national publications. He would eventually claim nine ISOC Pro 440 victories during cross-country's renaissance in the 1990s, including three Ironman 250 wins plus the 1998 ISOC high point championship. As the decade and sport transitioned, Pake notched seven victories and two high point titles in the FANS series.

Pake's pure racing talent was matched equally by his versatility, which he proved with six career Pro class victories in MRP and CSRA snocross events during that discipline's period of explosive growth and popularity. With 36 career victories in terrain competition during the ultra-competitive era in which he raced, Pake is widely regarded as one of the all-time great terrain racers.

DATE OF INDUCTION: February 13, 2016
CAREER SPAN: 1969 - Present

The sport of snowmobile racing was built upon the foundation of safe and fair competition for all racers, brands and types of competition. Tom Zernia of West Bend, Wis., was a formative leader who built that foundation for snowmobile competition. His influence on the sport was as profound as it was durable, working tirelessly for more than 40 years as a race official, technical expert, rules maker and information resource for nearly every race circuit of the past 35 years.

Zernia first entered the technical side of race circuit involvement in 1969 with USSA. He would progress as a committee member and later as a Technical Director for Sno Pro and also to the Professional Driver’s Circuit. In 1979 he became the Technical Coordinator for WSRF where he pioneered the process of working with snowmobile manufactures to create and publish snowmobile specification books for use by the circuit to enforce fair competition. He would also serve as its chairman of the executive rules committee. In 1981 he was one of three people who formed International Snowmobile Racing (ISR), the central organization serving the many snowmobile racing circuits and clubs with information, rules guidance, technical information and safe practices.

As the Secretary Treasurer and Technical Coordinator for ISR, Zernia managed the technical information and rules enforcement that is the foundation of safe and fair snowmobile competition throughout the world. With steadfast resolve and a keen understanding of competition, Zernia helped race circuits create rules that provided uniformity, enforceability and the highest level of fairness for all competitors.

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