Brian Musselman

DATE OF INDUCTION: January 15, 1998
CAREER SPAN: 1978-1989

BRANDS RACED: Arctic Cat, Polaris & Ski-Doo

Growing up in snowmobiling as a member of the International Engineering (Woody’s) family, Brian Musselman began his racing career as a teenager when his interest in track the enduro form of racing led him to the classic Soo I-500 race in 1978, where he competed at the age of 16
A friendly, capable driver and technician, Brian developed a strong network in snowmobile racing and by 1981, had matured into a top competitor in the Michigan-based enduro circuit. He began an incredible winning streak in 1982 with his first win at the Soo I-500 in a season capped with two other championships.

Brian and his teams went on to post a Soo record not likely to every be duplicated with wins in 1984 and 1985, making Brian the first driver ever to win three times and the only driver to post back-to-back victories in this legendary 500 mile snowmobile race.