Breaking News – Literally!

Over the years we have accumulated great history with sleds and memorabilia but unfortunately haven’t been able to display it all in one building. We are looking forward to adding additional pieces of great history along with new displays for all to enjoy.

For some time now the HOF has been talking about our future expansion plans. The board of directors approved the plans and growth of a newly needed addition to our building.

This will be a 60 x 100 ft. addition to the museum that will house two floors of amazing items.

Our fund raising for the project started at the 2016 Ride With The Champs. We have raised $300,000 of the $350,000 so far. That is enough to get started, so we are on our way!

This is an effort that will continue the effort to recognize and honor the great people, machines and innovations in the history of snowmobiling, and it’s something that I hope all interested people will participate in a way that works for them.

On May 27, 2017, the weekend of our Classic Sled Round Up, the Board of Directors presented a ground breaking ceremony for our new addition. Jim and Bernie Warning along with Craig Marchbank, President, and his wife Helen did the honors to a new beginning.

Fast track to today and we are once again very excited to share the progress. We have not only moved a little dirt with our four gold shovels to begin the process, but large machines have moved trees and large amounts of dirt to be where we are today.

As you will see by the pictures below “Lumber Jacks” of St. Germain, came in and in one day’s time fell, cut, and cleared the trees for the new building area. Two time World Champion Mike Trapp of Trapp Bros. removed the stumps, cleared the site, and added a little dirt to make the smooth surface we now have. The site is now level and ready for cement. Permits are in hand and we are very excited to our next stage!

Stay tuned for our continued progress!!

The first steps (above) was the removal of the trees. Once they were all down, then it was on to removing the stumps:


After the stumps are removed, you can start to see the space where the new building will be.

Now that the site is initially cleared and leveled, Fill is brought in and once again the land is leveled… and we are nearly ready for beginning of the construction!

Hello again!  Thank you for staying tuned while our building is in progress.  The weather has decided to give us a little white gold since the end of October.  Snowmobile enthusiasts believe this is great!  While we believe this also and are looking forward to a great season, the guys pouring the concrete and putting up the building may not agree!  As you will see in the pictures below the guys are hard at work and we thank Pinno Builders and Trapp Brothers for their continued dedication!!

The concrete is poured and the warming blankets are on…can’t wait to see the new floor!

Sneak peak of the new floor and a great start of the walls…

Ready for the trusses… 

First truss…

All the trusses up!

Majority of the framing is up…We have walls!!

We are excited to share our building progress with you.  Thank you for your continued support!

Hello again!!

We have a new update on our building progress. The crew has been hard at work the past couple weeks.

Our winter gold went away temporarily to temps in the low 50’s. That helped the snow to melt and it make it easier to work.

Fast forward to the last couple of days and yes, we have snow again!

Parts of the building have visions of red…the siding…so exciting!!