Claude Desrosiers

DATE OF INDUCTION: January 20, 2000
CAREER SPAN: 1969-1981


Multi-talented and hard-working, Claude Desrosiers appeared on the snowmobile racing scene just as the factory oval track racing era was reaching full stride in 1969. Assigned in his early career as mechanic to the Ski-Doo racing star Yvon duHamel, Desrosiers quickly learned his way around the sport and its technology as he made friends and gained experience in the racing world.

Sidelined by the fuel crisis in 1974, Desrosiers became part of the development team that spawned the classic Ski-Doo RV. He followed his dream of success as a driver in 1975, winning the ACAN championship in both 250 and 340 classes. Repeating this feat in 1976 and again in 1977, Desrosiers proved a double threat as a development technician and a driver on the team that created the first Ski-Doo IFS in 1977.

After being badly injured in a testing accident in 1979, Desrosiers continued to make a significant contribution as a designer, fabricator and tester to the effort that created the Ski-Doo Twin Track which appeared in 1980. He continued to contribute to this milestone racing effort until his non-racing related death in 1981.