David Karpik

DATE OF INDUCTION: January 18, 1996
CAREER SPAN: 1974-1985

COMPETITION TYPE: Oval & Cross-Country
BRANDS RACED: Mercury, Ski-Doo, Scorpion & Manta

A member of the renowned Karpik racing family of Eveleth, Minnesota, David Karpik grew up around snowmobiles and racing. After a Super-Mod 340 win aboard the early Mercury Sno-Twister in 1975 as a teenager, he began a series of successful alliances with top Sno-Pro drivers that resulted in numerous racing championships and high-point titles during the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Known as an innovator, master race sled preparation technician and a highly skilled racing crew chief, Karpik spent 1977 and1978 working with Doug Hayes on the early Ski-Doo IFS racers before teaming up with Brad Hulings to build the dominant Scorpion racers of 1979 to1981. As part of the team that posted the Hetteen Cup title and runner-up High-Point title in 1979, then the Kawartha Cup, Eagle River World Championship and Sno-Pro High-Point honor in 1980 and 1981, Karpik established both race engineering and steady competitiveness.

During the years from 1982 to1984, Karpik teamed with Hulings again as part of the Ski-Doo Twin-Track racing effort which lead to two World Championships with Hulings and Jacques Villeneuve during a period of Ski-Doo dominance in the Formula 1 racing arena. In the middle 1980’s, Karpik worked with Manta and then on automotive projects in Detroit before teaming up with his brother Gerard to create Fast, Inc.