2024 Snowmobile Hall of Fame Inductees

Introducing the 2024 Hall of Fame Inductees!

Corey Davidson, Levi LaVallee, Russ Lemke, and Jeff Ludwig to be honored with an induction ceremony in St. Germain, Wis.; Fans are invited to celebrate throughout the three-day event February 15-17, 2024.

Corey Davidson - Snowmobile Hall of Fame

Corey Davidson (Racer)

Davidson’s career highlights include winning the Soo 500 endurance race 8-times; being crowned the I-500 cross-country champion three times; and earning the USCC cross-country Pro 600 year-end championship three times.

Levi Lavallee- Snowmobile Hall of Fame

Levi LaVallee (Racer/Ambassador)

LaVallee’s racing and driving skills were paired with a daredevil attitude and an infectious personality that led to 13 X Games medals; a world-record snowmobile distance jump of 412-feet; and being recognized as one of the most influential action sport athletes of the modern era by ESPN.

Russ Lemke - Snowmobile Hall of Fame

Russ Lemke (Support)

Lemke’s engines and tuning capabilities resulted in winning the Hay Days Minnesota Cup 12-times; the Wisconsin Cup 10-times; and the Michigan Cup 10-times along with countless oval, snocross, speed run, and hill climb victories.

Jeff Ludwig - Snowmobile Hall of Fame

Jeff Ludwig (Racer)

Ludwig’s racing resume is highlighted by six consecutive USSA high point Driver of the Year titles; three Formula 1 championships; and five Pro Sprint championships to cement his place in snowmobile racing history.

Join the fun!

Snowmobile racing fans and enthusiasts are invited to the 40th Annual Ride with The Champs and induction ceremony weekend, presented by Livingston’s Arctic Cat, February 15-17, 2024.

The three-day event includes the popular Legends Laps where participants can experience the famed ice oval track at the World Championship Derby Complex.

Additional features include a Friday Night Fish Fry with guest speakers; vintage and modern trail riding opportunities with poker run; a Snowmobile Hall of Fame Open House meet-and-greet with past and current SHOF inductees along with other snowmobile industry celebrities; and the formal induction ceremony with dinner Saturday evening.

In addition, the Snowmobile Hall of Fame and Museum will be open throughout the weekend.