Jim Adema

Jim Adema - Snowmobile Hall of Fame

DATE OF INDUCTION: January 14, 1988
CAREER SPAN: 1969-1975

BRANDS RACED: SnoJet & Yamaha

Widely regarded as the single most successful independent race driver in the history of snowmobile oval racing, Jim Adema blazed a win record on his Sno*Jet Thunderjets unparalleled in the sport during the early and middle 1970’s.

A talented engineer and innovator, Jim developed the Thunderjet racer into a competitive chassis in nearly every modified class in oval racing. His pioneering work in traction and handling with his racing equipment company, Belmont Engineering, introduced technology to snowmobiling that literally changed the face of the sport.

When the Sno* Jet brand disappeared after the 1974-75 season, Jim switched to Yamaha and was beginning the next chapter of his illustrious career when an accident in blinding snow dust at the season opener on December 14, 1975, ended his life while racing in the motorsport he so loved.

Jim Adema - Snowmobile Hall of Fame
Jim Adema - Snowmobile Hall of Fame
Jim Adema 1976 - Snowmobile Hall of Game
Jim Adema 1972 - Snowmobile Hall of Fame
Jim Adema 1973 - Snowmobile Hall of Fame