Jim Musselman

DATE OF INDUCTION: January 16, 2003
CAREER SPAN: 1966-1998


Snowmobiling was just emerging as a sport when Jim Musselman went into business with Woody Kozlow to make products for the automotive world. In 1966, snowmobiling began its move to center stage in Jim’s career when he made his first carbide ski runner and “Woody’s Runners” began forging a reputation in snowmobiling. The products developed in those early years by Jim for use by snowmobilers helped transform the clumsy toys of the 1960’s into serious winter-going vehicles.

After acquiring the business in 1970, Jim began promoting the renamed International Engineering with involvement and support of racing as the company became one of the first successful aftermarket businesses in the sport. Quickly growing beyond its racing and competition roots, Woody’s products became a mainstream supplier known in snowmobiling worldwide. Always an innovator, Musselman approached racing as a test and development tool to create many of the traction and handling products we know today.

35 years after building his first performance product for snowmobiling, Jim Musselman’s International Engineering remains a mainstay of both the racing world and the original equipment marketplace as the 80 employee company, today managed by the Musselman sons, continues to lead the way in traction and handling products for snowmobiles of all kinds.