Larry Coltom

DATE OF INDUCTION: January 19, 1995
CAREER SPAN: 1967-1980


One of only a handful of professional snowmobile racing originals, Larry Coltom emerged as a major racing talent just as factory snowmobile racing teams began to make their first impacts on the sport in the late 1960’s. A member of the fabled Team Arctic Racing Team from its inception in 1967 until his retirement from professional driving in 1980, Coltom exerted a unique and unmistakable influence on racing, both as a driver and as a master of set-up and tuning.

After posting a remarkable rookie season championship at the Kawartha Cup competition in 1968, Coltom went on to become an Arctic Cat racing mainstay competing and winning with the legendary Pumas, Formula II’s original EXT’s and King Kat racing sleds. An acknowledged leader on the team when the Sno Pro era dawned in 1974, Coltom claimed a personal niche in the smaller engine sizes, resulting in the nickname “Mr. 340.”

In a career that spans a competition history beginning with the original Black Panthers of the 1960’s and continuing to the famous Sno Pro racers of the late 1970’s and the “Flying Tigers” of the early 1980’s, Coltom posted historic wins at all the major oval tracks including Eagle River, The Hetteen Cup and a Sno Pro High-Point Championship in 1976. Coltom ended his illustrious racing career with a comeback victory at the Muscle Machine Shootout at Alexandria in 1980