Loren Filter

DATE OF INDUCTION: January 14, 1993
CAREER SPAN: 1971-1988


One of the greatest leaders in Minnesota snowmobiling history, Loren Filter began his almost three decades of steady contribution to the sport when he emerged as leader of his local club in Britt, Minnesota. His leadership expanded to include the International Snowmobile Association where he served as president for a decade while he helped develop improved laws and opportunity for the sport in Minnesota.

Filter was a hard worker who found a way to be involved in everything related to the sport. He helped to organize snowmobiler opposition to closure of the Boundary Waters, served on the Range Trail Committee that kicked off Minnesota’s Grant-In-Aid trail funding program, and was the long-time trail boss on Minnesota’s spectacular Laurentian Trail.
He is known for many accomplishments but racers remember him best for his pioneering work with the International Cross-Country Snowmobile Federation from the middle to late 1970’s. Under his leadership, cross-country racing reached it’s pinnacle of success in areas of factory participation, fair competition, safety and equitable purse distribution. Before his death in 1988, Filter led in the rule restructuring for the I-500 cross-country race which was re-established in 1987.