Mike Houle

DATE OF INDUCTION: February 21, 2009
CAREER SPAN: 1980–2001

BRANDS RACED: Polaris & Ski-Doo

Mike Houle is synonymous with Ice-Lemans and Oval racing greatness, having risen to the top of both disciplines in the 1980’s and continuing until his retirement from active competition in 2001. Humble and quiet off the track, Houle was a smart, deeply-talented and strong rider whose amassed multiple wins at the Eagle River World Championships, USSA High Point titles, MRP championships and countless individual race victories during his two-decade career.

As the wild and fast Formula III class rose to prominence, Houle’s won’t-lose attitude and raw strength were an equal match to the machines’ unbridled handling and the foundation of his extraordinary success that produced five class victories at Eagle River and multiple season championships. Houle was equally adept in the finesse-oriented Sprint classes, where his exceptional set-up knowledge and race savvy resulted in wins at nearly every oval track in North America, setting the stage for what would become two Eagle River World Champion titles (1999 and 2000) once the rules changed to Champ sleds.

Renowned for his success and affable demeanor, Houle was awarded “Racer of the Year” honors by Snow Week magazine in 1990, 1997 and 2000, illustrating his extraordinary achievements and enduring career. After his retirement in 2001, Houle, of Cedar, Minnesota remains an active force in ice racing, helping mentor and tune another generation of great racers.