Mike Trapp Podcast Interview


Gord Avann and Hal Armstrong launch this season’s series of podcasts with their well-crafted interview of Mike Trapp.

Hear in Mike’s very own words his story about his racing careers with Yamaha and Ski-Doo.  You’ll hear Mike answer many of those questions we have all wanted to ask.

Find a nice comfortable place to sit back and enjoy the interview.  Mike was generous to spend an hour answering questions Gord and Hal had prepared for Mike.

Click on this link to now hear the podcast:  MIKE TRAPP From Underdog to Top Dog,

Gord Avann of Snowmobiling Podcast and Hal Armstrong of Time Machines Podcast collaborate on this interview.  Hal is also a contributing writer for SnowTech magazine.

You can tell Gord and Hal are well prepared and equally excited to interview Mike.  Mike was one of their heroes back when they were only teens.  They referred to getting this interview as “the big one” … “the fairy tale story of the giant killer”.

Hal closes with “you’re the guy who lived everybody’s dream.  The guy that just lived a few miles away from Eagle River who qualified, and then won it!  The guy who came out of nowhere to become a factory driver with the biggest manufacturers”.

Gord and Hal live in Ontario, Canada, and made it clear that, if the travel restrictions are lifted, they definitely plan to Ride with Mike Trapp on February 12, 2021.