Ski-Doo XC Racing Team Truck

Look what’s new in the parking lot at the Hall of Fame! Saved from a scrapyard in northern Illinois. Who remembers the teams that raced out of this trailer?

History of the truck from Gerard Karpik himself:

  • Prior 1976 – Hertz or Ryder rent a truck
  • 1976- Ed Schubitzke Mercury oval/cross country racing
  • 1977 – Stan Hayes/Mike Trapp XC Race Team Skidoo
  • 1978- Russ Anderson/Stan Hayes/Gerard Karpik Blizzard Oil XC Race Team (Skidoo)
  • 1979 – Bob Enns/Gerard Karpik XC Race Team Blizzard Oil XC Race Team
  • 1980-1985 – Gerard Karpik XC Race Team Ski-doo
  • Some time after 1985 Tom Groves bought the truck for XC & SX racing