Olav Aaen

DATE OF INDUCTION: January 18, 1997


A snowmobile performance innovator that emerged in the first few years of snowmobile high-performance, Olav Aaen’s contribution to the development of snowmobiling is unmatched in the industry. He began his career in snowmobiling as a project engineer at Outboard Marine Corporation working on snowmobiles as time went on he progressed to manager of the Advanced Engineering Department before OMC departed the snowmobile industry after the 1976 model year.

Staring his performance Company in 1976, he quickly made his mark as an innovator developing performance exhaust chambers, clutching components and many other performance products. More than just a fabricator, Aaen also wrote technical manuals on carburetion, performance clutching and helped to found the International Racing organization.

For more the 20 years, Aaen’s performance company has worked with racers and racing teams. He has sponsored many successful campaigns including several Eagle River World Championship and SOO 500 team wins as well as over 50 gold medals at the World Series of Drag Racing. Well-known in Europe, Aaen has been part of four Norwegian and four Swedish national titles and one overall European Championship as well as five U.S. Snocross World Series titles.