Pat Mach

DATE OF INDUCTION: February 7, 2015
CAREER SPAN: 1990 – 2011

BRANDS RACED: Arctic Cat, All
AGE AT INDUCTION: Posthumously

A cross-country racing fan, then racer and eventually one of its saviors, Pat Mach of Minto, North Dakota, experienced the full measure of what it meant to love and support all aspects snowmobile competition. He founded the United States Cross-Country Circuit (USCC) in 2002, growing it into the premier terrain racing organization until his passing a decade later.

Like many of his Midwestern counterparts, Mach grew up idolizing cross-country snowmobile racers. After graduating from college in 1990, Mach began a professional cross-country racing career that would last more than 10 years as a member of Team Arctic. After the sport suffered a long period of reduced interest, with various racing organizations ending after the 2001 season, Mach took it upon himself to form USCC and re-launch the sport itself. With an affable personality and a tireless work ethic, Mach and his family recruited similar-minded people to staff the USCC whose combined grassroots approach would grow the sport of cross-country as well as the prestige of USCC.

Through the USCC, Mach reprised the International 500 cross-country race while also expanding events and partnerships in Michigan and on the East coast that further grew the sport. Mach was thoroughly respected and appreciated by racers, crew members and families thanks to his dedication to racers and his prioritization of safety at all USCC events. He remained the driving force for premier cross-country competition until he passed away at the age of 42 in a snowmobile trail riding accident on February 5, 2011.