As The Snow Flies


As the Snow Flies

A History of Snowmobile Development in North America

The history of snowmobile development in North America is an exciting adventure in true pioneering spirit. This book covers that amazing journey from the early 1900s to 1960 and beyond, where often amusing experiments in design and construction led the way to a blending of power and hi-tech engineering with comfort, safety and reliability.

Written by L. Allister Ingham, As the Snow Flies brings together in an enjoyable and highly readable style the enterprising stories of companies and people who made significant contributions to snowmobile development. With hundreds of photographs, in-depth data and specifications of an amazing number of models and prototypes, along with never before seen historical images, this book is a must have, not only for all snowmobile enthusiasts, but for anyone interested in a vibrant and entertaining account of entrepreneurs, pioneers and visionaries.

Hard cover, professionally bound. More than 800 pages, over 1200 photographs, diagrams and illustrations!

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