My Snowmobile Adventure


My Snowmobile Adventure

By Becky Bettin

One evening my son asked me if I could read him a snowmobile book at bedtime. I quickly realized we didn’t own one. Living in Northern Wisconsin and knowing that my son would grow up snowmobiling, I figured we should have a book about snowmobiling so I went to the internet and realized that was only one option for me on a big book seller website and it wasn’t even a story! I found this completely unacceptable. From there, the book was born.

With inspiration and support from my family and closest friends, an amazing illustrator and graphic designer, we got it done!

It really turned into a passion of wanting to get this book finished so that other kids, with knowledge of snowmobiling or not, could have a book that would show the fun that snowmobiling is and continue to grow the sport!

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