Racings Early Years


From the historical and photo archives of Race & Rally / SnowTech Magazine, this fascinating book covers the exotic SnoPro machines, the legendary drivers, there trials, efforts, wins and failures of: Alouette, Arctic Cat, Chaparral, Kalamazoo, Kawasaki, Kohler, Mercury, Polaris, Rupp, Scorpion, Ski-Doo, Skiroule, Sno-Jet, Suzuki, and Yamaha. With 236 pages and over 500 photos of the history, color, excitement, and tragedy of SnoPro from 1973-1978.



“Snowmobile Racing’s Early Years 1967-1973” has 212 pages with over 450 of snowmobiling’s most spectacular photos from snowmobile racing’s vintage “Early Years”.

Featuring: Rare early machines, ads of the era, oval racing, exotic speed machines, and cross country. Photos of faces, places, and machines with special informational insights of a bygone era available nowhere else. All from the exclusive, extensive photo archives of Race & Rally / SnowTech Magazine.

This brand new book, “Snowmobile Racing’sEarly Years”, is a photographic presentation by SnowTech Magazine. These are truly spectacular images of a time now barely existing in the memories of those who participated in this bygone era.

This 212 page book of over 450 photos is an opportunity to revisit the sights, sensations and emotions through the expert photography of the Race & Rally staff from 1967-1973. A period of exploding industry growth and disappointing manufacturer failures all wrapped up in a fascinating package. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to collect a very special volume of photography dangerously close to remaining stored away forever. A snowmobiling photo book without comparison – or any possibility of duplication.

Something to immediately enjoy, to treasure, to revisit periodically, to share and discuss endlessly with snowmobiling friends. A “coffee table” book needing a chain (just kidding) to keep it from being stolen.

The early reviews are already in. Here is what they have to say:

“I’ve had enough time now to really look the “Early Years” over, and I am amazed at how you captured that segment of time on film. The expression on faces speaks volumes. You had to be there to appreciate what was being accomplished with little regard to the temperature extremes. Only snowmobilers can relate to the cold weather depicted in some of those pictures. We have talked about the chances you took just to get those excellent action shots. It was also good to see how many machines were involved in the early years of the sport, and to remember the people who were behind each attampt to make a better snowmobile. History is usually recorded in writing, but you have done it with a camera.”
Jim, MO.

“My gosh, what a wonderful surprise and such a great edition. The early years were really full of excitment and fun – and once in a while real sorrow. The pictures …. of races all over North America really brought back memories. Thank you so much for sending my copy so quickly. I will be reading it over and over. Here is another check. Please send a copy to my son.
Best regards.”
Ray, MN

“Here’s the official review: It’s totally awesome. The photos are great, there are tons of them that I have never seen before, and the information on old sled ads, and sled manufacturers that do not exist is priceless. Never have I seen this much information on the brands that went defunct. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS BOOK!”
Larry –

This is the ideal Christmas gift for a snowmobiling family member or friend.