Ski-Doo Racing Sleds: 1960-2003 Photo Archive


Snowmobile History, Volume 1 by Pierre Pellerin

400 pages of the history of snowmobiles with images.

On November 14, 2012, Archivist and Historian Pierre Pellerin released Volume 1 of Snowmobile History, the first book of its kind covering snowmobile history from its beginning until 2010. The full project in consists of 3 volumes of 400 pages each.

Volume I covers the beginning history to brand name Lynx.

Volume II covers the brand name Mach X to Ski-doo.

Pierre is an archivist in the field of snowmobiles and all types of vehicles that travel on snow. He has assembled an impressive collection on the subject since 1966, which has allowed me to write this uniquely informative book.



Ski-Doo Racing Sleds: 1960-2003 Photo Archive By Phil Mickelson

Hand-picked photos & in-depth captions document the development of Ski-Doo’s racing sleds from inception to the present. Though it’s been said the first snowmobile race was held the day the second machine was built, the first organized race to capture wide attention was in December 1961 with about 40 entrants. After discovering the impact of this first race, Ski-Doo began devoting attention to building racing sleds in 1967 and still builds models specifically for racing even today. Most engine, suspension system, and chassis improvements in the snowmobile industry are attributed to the efficiencies requested by racing. This book includes some of today’s most collectible production snowmobiles like the TNT and BLIZZARD models, along with custom one-off models designed specifically for racing. Many of these interesting Ski-Doo photographs have never been published before.