Snowbug by Yvon Gauthie


“No machine comes close to it.”

Those were the words of Dr. J.R. Weber, research scientist for the Canadian government working in the far north, in describing one of the first snowmobiles to be made – the one that was produced in Sudbury, Ontario.

“I would suggest to anyone interested in learning more about “snowmobiles of the past” that this book is interesting.”

Ed Skomoroh, Vice President, Marketing, Polaris Industries, Inc.

“Very interesting Reading!”

Edgar Hetteen [founder of Polaris]

Known for its working ability rather than for speed, the Snowbug was valued by trappers, hunters, mining and government officials as well as doctors and social workers whose duties took them into all types of weather and snow conditions in the north. Its popularity spread from Canada to northern Michigan and the New England States where heavy snowfalls also prevail.

Yvon Gauthier’s well-researched book relates the story of Howard Schraeder and his dedication to making snow travel easier in all weathers for those who must reach their work or bring necessities to those who live and work off the beaten track in the north. Schraeder never looked at the snowmobile as a sporting vehicle but rather as a “workhorse” for northern conditions.

Snowbug’s life was short but noteworthy in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, when, in the pioneering days of snowmobiling, its inventor Howard Schraeder and his group of friends in and around Sudbury, Ontario devoted much of their free time to its manufacture.

This enterprising inventor designed numerous models of the Snowbug including the popular Superbug, as well as the Luvbug with its seating capacity for two abreast. With both colour and black-and-white pictures and illustrations of this remarkable machine, this book is a must-have for any snowmobiling enthusiast

8½” x 11″, 64 pages, Beautiful Hard Cover

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