Are you ready to Ride with Mike Trapp?  We are!  Mike is pumped.  We’re excited.  All systems are good to go!

The Ride with Mike Trapp is SOLD OUT.  Thank you.  We will have 110 guests plus 10 celebs, 10 guides and 10 volunteers.

Food is ordered, trail is mapped (110 miles), gift bags are stuffed full of souvenirs and we are ready for you.

Mother nature brought us some much-needed snow.  There is another snow yet in the forecast for the day before.  The weather looks to be very chilly so be sure to layer up.

Registration opens at 7:30 a.m.  At that time, you will check in, sign liability and covid waivers, get assigned to your ride group, grab your gift bag, enjoy your breakfast sandwich and then line up your sled in your assigned ride group.  We will hit the trails promptly at 9:00.  Please and thank you.

One group will head north, in a counter clockwise direction, towards the Derby track.  The other group will head south, in a clockwise direction, towards Lake Tomahawk.  Both groups will meet up around noon at Trapp Race Shop in Arbor Vitae.  There we will have some special treats, lunch and surprises waiting for you.

After our meet-up at Trapp race shop you will resume your ride.  Note; both groups will cover the very same trail, just in opposite directions so we don’t clog up the trail system.  The second group will hit the Derby track in the afternoon.

We all will return to the Snowmobile Hall of Fame by 4:00 p.m. where the Ride with Mike Trapp will conclude.  You are welcome to enjoy a Friday Fish Fry, on your own, at the Whitetail Inn nearby.  Saturday there is also a SHOF Fun Run if you wish to join in on that too.

We are so happy we could make this ride a go.  We all have been starving for events like this.  We ask everyone to be safe both on and off the trail.  We encourage everyone to wear facemasks, social distance and remain outside as much as possible.

Should you have any questions please call Jamie Zeller (715) 542-4463 or email  We are all ready for you to Ride with Mike Trapp.

Trail Map