The first machine we are proud to present is from Nick Keller. After losing his mother to breast cancer Nick set out on a journey for a cause. Nick Keller on a 2010 Yamaha RS Vector rode for 356 days and 99,956 miles raising nearly $150,000 in support of cancer victims. Nick Keller’s passion has helped many through the years in their fight against cancer.

Polaris Industries has graciously shared their 1971 “American” Race Trailer with the SHOF! This historic piece transported the Polaris Professional Race team from 1971 to 1978 and then helped independents for many years after that. Thanks to the generous contributions of many this important piece of history is presently being restored.
Follow the restoration on!

Polaris also put this one of a kind 1981 John Deere IFS Liquifire Prototype on loan to the HOF.

This sled was unveiled Friday at our 33rd Annual Ride With The Champs weekend.

Team Arctic racing master Jeremy Fyle came to the SHOF this year, and he brought with him this restored 1989 Polaris Indy 500 that he piloted to win that year’s Jeep 500 cross-country race.

That was a seminal sled for terrain racing, as well as for Polaris And Arctic Cat. For terrain racing, the Indy 500 (and similar performance machines from the other brands) helped make the Jeep 500 popular to a larger group of would-be racers. For Polaris, it sold so well that the company grew like gangbusters. And for Arctic Cat, it was a benchmark sled that the company would work hard to beat and would do so the following year in the Jeep 500 with Kirk Hibbert’s win aboard the EXT Special.