Donate Today

Got an interesting snowmobile collecting dust or some snowmobile related memorabilia that you would like to get rid of…. and would like to see it go to a great cause?

We are always accepting snowmobiles, NOS parts and other snowmobile related items that we can sell to help us with operation expenses and expansion plans, remember we are a 501c 3 non-profit and all contributions are tax deductible.


We will accept almost any sled that has some value. We do reserve the right to refuse any machine for any reason. The machine should be easily accepted if it meets some of following criteria:

  • The motor runs and the machine is drivable
  • Seat, hood and trim are in good to excellent condition
  • A snowmobile that is rare or valuable enough that condition will not be of any concern
  • It has a title that is free and clear


  • Vintage suits in good to excellent condition
  • Snowmobile related signage, or dealer signs, autographs, Photos, or photo collections
  • Snowmobile related knick-knacks like lamps, ashtrays, coffee cups etc.
  • Race-related posters, programs, mugs, etc.
  • Odd ball items that are snowmobile related

Or give us a call at: (715) 542- 4463