Andy Baker

DATE OF INDUCTION: February 9, 2008
CAREER SPAN: 1966-1980

BRANDS REPRESENTED: Polaris & Moto-ski

Beginning his snowmobile racing career in 1966 at age 10 in his hometown of Beausejour, Manitoba, Andy Baker immediately developed a love and dedication for the sport and its people. Baker’s respect and commitment to snowmobile oval racing produced two championship titles, presidency of the Canadian Power Toboggan Championships at Beausejour and annual devotion to the races made famous by his hometown.

Competing with the help of (and alongside) his dad, Baker’s personal racing success began early and focused on regional events around Manitoba. While at the height of his career, Baker succeeded his father as the CPTC President in 1977 and 1978 while simultaneously racing with great success on an independent Moto-Ski distributor team. Baker won the Manitoba championship and wore the #1 bib for 1979 and 1980, before retiring from active competition that year. He has continued to help run the famed Beausejour races every year since and was instrumental in the features that have made the track famous for its speed and safety.

Extremely humble and quick to credit the amazing people of Beausejour for any personal recognition he’s received, Baker’s love of snowmobile racing is surpassed only by his appreciation and respect for the racers, crews and workers who comprise the world of snowmobile racing. A true friend to all in the sport, Baker and his family embody the spirit of dedication and comprise a significant portion of the great “backbone” of snowmobile racing.