Bobby Donahue

DATE OF INDUCTION: January 16, 1997
CAREER SPAN: 1974-1988

BRANDS RACED: Yamaha, Kawasaki & Ski-Doo

A talented and approachable driver throughout a distinguished 14-year racing career, Bobby Donahue brought a level of determination and professionalism to snowmobile racing that elevated the sport to a higher level during his time in the saddle on ice ovals and snocross bumps. In a career marked by many remarkable successes and a few spectacular near-misses, Donahue’s flexible talents made him one of the rare racers who could win in any racing form.

Emerging as a top pro driver in 1979, Donahue drove Kawasaki Invaders to three consecutive Tournament of Champion titles in 1970-80-81. Switching to the emerging snocross arena, he won his first Eagle River snocross crown in 1984 in a year that ended with both Pro Stock and Pro Open USSA snowcross titles. In 1985, he won the first-ever Formula III oval track Shoot-Out and a “pure” cross-country, the Minnesota Governor’s Cup.

Always an oval track stand-out, Donahue capped and illustrious career with the 1988 Formula I World’s Championship, a race he won after competing for this coveted title in every one of the eight previous years. This victory made him the only driver to post both F-III (1985) and F-I (1988) championship titles at Eagle River. In this final season, he posted wins in 7 of the 11 Formula I races to underline his all-around talent and will to win in any kind of snowmobile race.