Hubert Fixsen

BRANDS REPRESENTED: John Deere & Arctic Cat

DATE OF INDUCTION: February 13, 2016
CAREER SPAN: 1968 – Present

Behind most great racers there exists an equally great tuner-technician whose talent and skill elicit the maximum capability of the snowmobile and, together, the pair rise to achieve the sport’s highest successes. Hubert Fixsen of Willmar, Minnesota has been that special tuner, mechanic and engineer thanks to his masterful talent, creativity and unending desire for improvement.

Fixsen rose to national prominence in 1976 when he built the Winnipeg-to-St. Paul I-500 cross-crountry winning John Deere piloted by Brian Nelson. The duo of Fixsen/Nelson was a powerful, race-winning juggernaut that notched individual wins and the 1976 high-point title in ICCSF. When they switched to Arctic Cat for 1977, Fixsen designed a cross-country suspension kit for the El Tigre that Nelson would pilot to a second I-500 win in 1978, in addition to many more race victories. He first retired as a snowmobile race mechanic when Nelson quit racing in 1980, but returned in the early 1990s to help Team Arctic’s Jeremy Fyle win in ISOC cross-country competition.

Throughout his career, Fixsen’s mechanical aptitude and creative mind proved key in the design and engineering of key snowmobiles, most notably in the areas of chassis and suspension. In addition to the first long-travel suspension package he designed for the Cross-Country El Tigre’ 6000, Fixsen also conceived the chassis and front suspension for the original 1993 Arctic Cat ZR and was instrumental in that model’s remarkable evolution and success for the remainder of the decade. He continued to consult and provide engineering to Arctic Cat as recently as 2007.