Jerry Korinek

DATE OF INDUCTION: January 20, 2000

Jerry Korinek can trace the beginnings of his lengthy career in snowmobiling and the first of his many contributions to the sport from the early 1970’s when he began working as a tech man and race director in the Central Division of the United States Snowmobile Association. Known from the beginning as a fair minded person with the integrity to stand up for what he knew was right, Korinek quickly became a mainstay in the director ranks of USSA.

On the scene to participate in the tumultuous late 1970’s when race sanctioning, national rules and factory involvement put snowmobile racing through a period of change and extended turmoil, Korinek guided the USSA through these tough times, keeping the Midwestern oval track program going strong while establishing a reputation for far sighted decision making and hard work.

A strong supporter of International Snowmobile Racing (ISR) from its beginnings in the early 1980’s, Korinek employed his years of experience and vision for the future in his long-time role as president of USSA, keeping the organization at the forefront of oval racing while championing safety, effective rule making and fair competition in the whirlwind of snowmobile racing’s ever-changing times and continuing challenges.