Jim Wergin

COMPETITION TYPE: Cross-Country & Oval

DATE OF INDUCTION: January 15, 1998
CAREER SPAN: 1964-1974

Without equal in snowmobile racing for his competitiveness and versatility, Jim Wergin blazed a decade-long trail across the sport with a dedication and creative style that matched the unique Yamaha machines that were a trademark during his long and incredibly successful racing career.

Emerging as an oval track champion in the early 1980’s, Wergin drove his Rhinelander Yamaha-sponsored sleds to consistent oval track championships in Stock, Mod-Stock, Modified and pro-stock classes. As the decade progressed, he proved his competitiveness in cross-country and snocross as well, often mixing oval and terrain victories in the same weekend.

Named the very first “Driver of the Year” by Snow Week Magazine in 1986, Wergin continued his winning ways as a driver and ace preparation technician well in the 1990’s, even assisting as a Yamaha performance source during the Yamaha return to racing in the later 1990’s.