John Wicht III

DATE OF INDUCTION: January 16, 2003
CAREER SPAN: 1974-2000
BRANDS RACED: Kawasaki & Polaris

COMPETITIVE TYPE: Cross-Country, Oval, Snocross & Enduro

One of the most durable and successful drivers to ever throw a leg over a racing snowmobile, John Wicht can trace his career over more than two and a half decades of competition in a wide range of snowmobile racing forms including Cross-Country, Snocross and Enduro. Starting in 1979, racing in the popular ICCSF cross-country circuit, John posted several event championships and top ten finishes, winning at many of the classic Cross-Country events of the day.

Shifting to lake Enduro Racing in the early 1980’s, Wicht was equally successful racing in CCC Lake Enduro and later MRP Snocross competition, scoring many impressive victories particularly at the annual World Series held in Garrison, Minnesota.

In 1985, Wicht brought his talent for long distance race driving to the Enduro Circuits in Michigan where he showed immediate success with top 20 finishes and his first overall Soo 500 win in 1988.

Always in the top five of finishers after that Wicht posted stunning back-to-back victories in 1992-1993, scoring the second consecutive win at the Soo 500 25th Anniversary event. Racing always as the sole driver in a circuit where team driving was the norm. He won again in 1995 to post an unsurpassed ten year Soo record including four 1sts, four 2nds, one 3rd and one 4th. Also active in Oval Racing during the late 1980’s, Wicht scored many Pro Stock and Pro Open wins, narrowly missing the overall championship in 1986. John Wicht won the last race he ever entered, a masters class lake race in 2000.