Joyce “Suzie” Scholwin

DATE OF INDUCTION: January 16, 2003
CAREER SPAN: 1965-1970

Joyce Scholwin, better known as “Snow Goer Susie,” was the founding editor and publisher of Snow Goer Magazine, the first and for many years the only nationally distributed magazine devoted to the sport of snowmobiling. An early fan of snowmobiling, Scholwin started writing a column on the sport for a local newspaper in 1965, in part because her sons were racing in the area. In late 1966, with the help of her husband, Edward, she produced the first issue of Snow Goer.

The magazine was an immediate success and this new career turned Scholwin, who adopted the pen name Snow Goer Susie for her column, into a celebrity in the sport. Snow Goer provided businesses in the sport a national outlet for advertising that helped snowmobiling grow. Its editorial content included tests of new models and travel features, information that was not available before Snow Goer came on the scene. Scholwin was a fixture at races and industry gatherings and a tireless promoter of snowmobiling.

In 1970, Wisconsin Governor Warren Knowles proclaimed Scholwin the First Lady of Snowmobiling, and in 1971 she defended the sport before a Congressional committee hearing that threatened the sport. Snow Goer Magazine soon grew too large to manage from her home in Three Lakes, Wisconsin, and she sold the publication in 1970. Still the sport’s longest-lived publication, it is still published today.