Roger Skime

DATE OF INDUCTION: January 15, 1995

Honored in the industry category for his more than 30 years of steady contributions to the art and science of snowmobile racing, Roger Skime is perhaps the most gifted and insightful engineer to ever create a racing snowmobile.
Starting his career in the mid-1960s, Skime was the primary designer of the famous Panther. This milestone snowmobile was Arctic Cat’s first successful racing sled and it introduced many designs still found at the heart of the sport including aluminum construction, slide rail suspension, forward engine mount and more.

Always absorbed by the challenge of racing, Skime spearheaded the Team Arctic efforts of the 1970s that introduced the slide carburetors, tunable clutching and twin trailing arm track suspensions that define the sport to this day. A member of the team that returned Arctic Cat to prosperity in the 1980s, Skime skillfully directed the development of the highly respected and successful Arctic Cat ZR series during the 1990s.