Steve Ave

Steve Ave - Snowmobile Hall of Fame

DATE OF INDUCTION: January 14, 1988
CAREER SPAN: 1961-1973

COMPETITION TYPE: Oval & Cross-Country

Racing out of one of the first Ski-Doo dealerships in the U.S., Steve Ave was the first semi-professional driver to race the brand successfully in the Midwestern U.S. His record in racing and efforts toward developing a competition following for Ski-Doo laid the groundwork for the Ski-Doo racing legacy in the U.S.

Steve established himself as a contender early in snowmobile racing with a win at the Eagle River Derby (1966) and the Hodag Marathon (1967). Steve was first to post a repeat win at the Derby (1968), followed by a near miss in 1969.

Steve remained active in snowmobiling after his retirement from competition in 1973, continuing daily involvement in his Ski-Doo dealership and working with snowmobile organizations concerned with the development of both the racing and recreational aspects of the sport.