Tim Bender

DATE OF INDUCTION: January 21, 1999
CAREER SPAN: 1974-1994

COMPETITION TYPE: Oval & Sno-cross
BRANDS RACED: Yamaha & Polaris

One of snowmobile racing’s most successful modified class drivers, Tim Bender became a racing legend during the 1980’s as he displayed his amazing talents as a driver aboard Yamaha snowmobiles beginning in 1982. Racing in the OSRF and USSA, Bender was a versatile performer capable of winning in both Oval and Snocross events.

Among his many accomplishments are seven overall points championships in OSRF and a handful of high-point titles in USSA. His two-decades-long-win record includes the famous Muscle Machine Snowcross Title and the Kawartha Cup in 1985 as well as a two-time Adirondack Cup winner racing Formula I machines in 1990-91. While he posted wins in many classes and types of snowmobile racing, Bender will always be remembered for his incredible four year string of Formula III wins at Eagle River, dominating the class from 1985 to1988.

Establishing one of the greatest win records scored by any driver to ever race Yamaha Bender also engineered several Yamaha based limited-build racing machines including the SR-V and Phazer Wide-Body Racers, The Bender SX, Bender Outlaw, The Terminator and The Avalanche specials during the 1980s, sleds he drove to many of his big career victories.