Todd Wolff

DATE OF INDUCTION: February 15-16 2019
CAREER SPAN: 1992-2003

COMPETITION TYPE: Cross-Country, Snocross, Ovals, Lemans

Todd Wolff of Annandale, Minn., raced for Ski-Doo for most of his 12-year career (1992-2003),
demonstrating true determination and loyalty as he helped the company develop a competitive sled for cross-
country. Frequently competing against more adept sleds, Wolff and his team were always fiercely competitive,
including winning the 1994 ISOC Detroit Lakes 200. When better equipment came, so too did the
championships. Wolff delivered Ski-Doo’s first I-500 cross-country victory in 26 years when he captured the
win in 1998. He won it again in 1999, the same year he earned the FANS championship title. More than a one-
dimensional racer, Wolff captured national snocross wins and championship titles, as well as top finishes in ice
ovals, ice lemans and enduro events.