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HALL OF FAME Founder, Loren Anderson dusts the
1978 Ski-Doo RV driven by Gerard Karpik to
four ICC Championships.

Under one roof--
never have so many championship sleds been on display.
Click pictures for
an enlarged view.

New things to see at the HOF.
Plaistad Expedition to north pole, 1968. Sled presented by Phil Stener to HOF President Anderson. Phil and his wife are the proud owners of this piece of history.   Gilles Villenueve's 1981 prototype twin owned by Brad Warning next to the Tim Bender aero sled owned by Aaen Performance.   Double Eagle Ski-Doo driven to 1969 speed record by Duane Eck, owned by the Warning family.   Boss Cat III, another Warning family speed sled.

Dave Pettit of New London, WI delivers his beautiful restored 1967 Mercury 150 E to the SHOF.

Thanks Dave for the loan of this great first year production Merc.

The SHOF had a great time at the 2010 Waconia Ride In. These photos show the precious cargo going back to the St. Germain, WI museum.

Five of the most historic John Deere sleds in the world are now on display as we continue the salute to John Deere the rest of this year. Jon Carlson's #54, Brian Nelson's #269, John Orvis's # 263 and Jeff Larkin's #176 are part of this historic collection.

Thanks to the entire Waconia committee for another great year ! We appreciate all they do for the sport and for the SHOF.

Blair Morgan taking questions from the media and the fans at the Snowmobile Hall of Fame in St. Germain, WI, Thursday, February 22, 2007.
Blair Morgan and team as they present his gold medal X-Games Championship Ski-Doo to the Hall of Fame. This is the second sled Blair has presented to the St. Germain Hall of Fame.

Blair Morgan taking questions from the media and the fans at the Snowmobile Hall of Fame in St. Germain, WI, Thursday, February 22, 2007.
Blair Morgan and team as they present his gold medal X-Games Championship Ski-Doo to the Hall of Fame. This is the second sled Blair has presented to the St. Germain Hall of Fame.

1979 Chrysler Snorunner - donated by Mark Janikowski of Milwaukee, WI.

Dave Dunigan next to his Top Gas Championship Dragster.  This 4 Cylinder monster has had a winning record unmatched in it's class and now finds itself at home in the HOF Museum....thank you Dave.

Mike Trapp ~ Woodruff, Wisconsin
USSA #C-41
1971 Yamaha 433 World Championship Sled
Eagle River Derby 1971

Mike Trapp of Woodruff, WI sits on his
"Lost Now Found" 1971 Yamaha.  This classic and
historic piece of racing history was restored by
John Jantsch of Wausau, WI in 2003.
Owner is Loren Anderson of St. Germain, WI.

Trapp's 1971 Yamaha 433 World Championship
Sled now in the museum.  The monitor to the
left shows the famous race where Trapp beats
the 797 Ski-Doo of Yvon DuHamel to take
the World Title.
"Most exciting race in history" - Jim Belke, Race & Rally Magazine
Mike on his little 433 defeats Yvon DuHamel on his 797 Blizzard in 15 lap thriller.
Restoration completed in 2003 by John Jantsch, Wausau, WI.
Owned by Loren Anderson, St. Germain, WI

A 1973 and a 1976 Evinrude are new additions to the HOF collection.

Terry Wahl's 1995 TWIN-TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP sled now in HOF. Winning sled for SUPER SLED SERIES $50,000.00 PAYOUT

Santa dropped off two valuable and unique sleds during Christmas ! Gilles Villeneuve's # 97 prototype 1981 Moto-Ski twin track.........one of two made and the only orange one with Moto-Ski colors. The other was a yellow Ski-Doo.

The Skiroule was one of two 440 cc IFS sleds built for the 1975-76 season. It was driven by brother Jacque Villeneuve. Jacque went on to become a 3-time world champion and is still racing. Gilles was inducted into the Snowmobile Hall of Fame in 1988.

Frans Rosenquist, 2006 Inductee, sits on his 1981 Ski-Doo off-set racer.  The famous # 7 collected many championship victories during Frans long racing career.  This piece of history is now in the St. Germain Hall of Fame. Frans spent the day riding with the RIDE WITH THE CHAMPS and is wearing his bib from the days event

New hall of famer, Darcy Ewing's five-time pro sprint Derby championship sled is now at home in the SHOF Museum.  Darcy was inducted January 12, 2006

Chaparral Prototype

"Keith Hubers 1967 prototype sleds originally called Snow Birdies and later the company became Chaparral Industries.  The original prototypes were built in Galva, IL.".  Note the fiberglass tunnel, dual headlights, gas tank was under seat, engine was a JLO and how about those bicycle handlebars !  Bill Bales of Austin, TX took the company to the next level and built a plant in Grand Jct, CO.  Production was later moved to Denver, CO."


Click here to see photos of sleds being built in Keith's shop in 1967
and photos of the field tests in West Yellowstone.
This included a trail ride to "Old Faithful".
How great is it that they saved these historic photos.

C. J. Ramstad of Supertrax Magazine photographs the Polaris #1 Championship
racer driven by Jerry Bunke.

Polaris #52 driven by four
time 500 winner John
Wich III. A genuine piece
of racing history.
12 Time World Champion Water-Cross Driver, Mark Maki of Inver Grove Heights, MN presents his sled 
to SHOF president, Loren Anderson (left).

Mark, his wife, Robin and sons - Steven and Chad - paid a visit to the SHOF Museum in October and delivered the great piece of racing history to St. Germain.

1971 Ariens Arrow 400
Donated by Al Bromann
of Harshaw, WI

Brian Musselman's
1984 Ski-Doo four time winner of
the Soo-500 Race in Michigan.

Donated from the DAN HILL Estate

"CHUCK HILL presents HOF
president Loren Anderson with a
$10,000 check from the estate of
his brother, DAN HILL of
Greenville, MI 

EZ-Go cart donated from the
DAN HILL estate in Greenville, MI

Hall of Famer, Brad Hulings of
Rockford, MI sits on the 1973 Brut
donated from the DAN HILL estate.
Brad helped bring over the sled and
golf cart to the HOF from Michigan.

TUCKER HIBBERT (Below on right) of Goodridge, MN presents his 2000 Arctic Cat to the Snowmobile Hall of Fame Museum at a special media conference held on January 17, 2003.  This is the hand-built sled that Tucker won the 2000 ESPN Winter X-Games with and turned the racing world up side down at age 15.  Team Arctic Cat director of racing, Brian Sturgeon is standing with Tucker.  Tuckers sled is in good company as the St. Germain museum already has in it's collection the Blair Morgan and Chris Vincent WSA championship sled. 
In right photo, grandson of Hall of Fame president and founder Loren Anderson enjoys the new race sled....maybe Cole is getting some pointers for a future racing career !  Cole's father Bob Anderson is in the background holding another future racer Jake.

1971 Ski-Doo
Blizzard 797

Click for Fact Sheet

Larry Coltom's ArcticCat (1976) Sno-Pro
racer sits next to Jim Bernat's 1975
Polaris 650.

Bob Elsner's 1981 Arctic
Sno-Pro racer. Rod Jakel
of Medford, Wisconsin
sits on his beautiful
restoration now on loan
to the HOF.

1964 Arctic-Cat 170D
On loan from Ron Rudolph,
Brookfield, WI

Blair Morgan presents his Cat #7c to HOF
president. Board member Dave Zawistowski
stands by as the special race winner heads to
St. Germain Museum.

Morgan sled #7c Arctic Cat

RWTC group visits museum -
latest display the riders see is the
#7c Arctic Cat X-games (ESPN) winner
on loan from Blair Morgan 

The Missing Twister
(Courtesy of Vintage Snowmobile Magazine)

"When the 1974-75 racing season was over, Mercury factory racer Doug Hayes was informed that five of the team's six race sleds would be destroyed for liability reasons. He was to save one for the Mercury archives, and decided to assemble an example using the cleanest, straightest parts from each of the sleds. A truck from the exhibits department came to take the sled from the shop for storage..... On a third-row pallet rack I spotted this sled, the same racer Doug Hayes put together back in 1975, probably sitting right where it had been placed that year." --Charles Plueddeman

This piece of racing history now on display at the Snowmobile Hall of Fame Museum ........ a big thank you to Mercury Marine, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin and Charles Plueddeman of Vintage Snowmobile Magazine.

Janet Kraft of St. Germain, WI waves
goodbye to a matched pair of BOLENS
440s from 1972. Her father Lawrence
Esch was a Bolens dealer in
St. Germain. These beautiful originals
are now in the HOF museum. 


Speedway 340 (1973) Owned by
Dan Drexler of Stratford, WI

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Johnson of
Westfield, WI present their 1965
FOXTRAC built by Fred Fox of
Edgerton, WI.

Mr. & Mrs. Dan Marquardt of Lake
Tomahawk, WI present their 1964 Polaris to HOF. The sled was raced in the 1st Eagle River Derby in 1964 by Charles Robinson of Crandon, WI
(Mrs. Marquardt's father & friend of
George Hayes of Crandon).

Temporarily on display at the Polaris Museum, Roseau, MN.
Jim Bernat's 1975 Polaris 650 -
Winner of the 1975 Eagle River World
Championship. In the background is
Stan Hayes' Mercury Sno-Pro Twister.

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