Blair Morgan

DATE OF INDUCTION: February 16, 2013
CAREER SPAN: 1997 – 2008


Once in a generation, the trajectory of a supreme talent meets the potential of a rare opportunity, and a new era is born. For snowmobile competition in the 1990’s, this occurred when Blair Morgan discovered the sport of snocross. The result was a monumental leap in popularity of both racer and sport, and cataclysmic changes in the sport of snowmobiling.

Blair Morgan was more than just a talent: He was a tour de force, arriving unheralded out of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, in 1997 with blazing speed, creativity and a unique style that transformed snocross and made him an instant fan favorite. Drawing upon his successful career in motocross, Morgan singlehandedly popularized the stand-up style of racing that revolutionized both snocross and the entire sport. In one glorious decade, Morgan would redefine the upper limits of success, winning 89 National events, 13 points championships, five ESPN X Games gold medals and multiple Racer of the Year honors from the sport’s media. Though his greatest exploits were in competition, Morgan is also credited with launching the sport of snowmobile freestyle thanks to his finish line displays early in his career.

With his domination came rewards, as Morgan reestablished the viability of a truly full-time professional snowmobile racer for the first time since the end of the Sno Pro oval era. He was among the first snowmobile racers to create their own professional team and the only person to have a signature-edition snowmobile from two different manufacturers. A career-ending injury from a motorcycle accident forced his retirement from competition in 2008.