Yvon Duhamel

COMPETITION TYPE: Oval & Cross-Country

DATE OF INDUCTION: January 14, 1988
CAREER SPAN: 1968-1976

One of the first true snowmobile racing professionals, Yvon Duhamel came to the sport from a very successful motorcycle-racing career that included seven national competition titles. Selected to drive for Ski-Doo’s first full-fledged factory race team in 1969, Yvon became one of the brand’s greatest stars.

Yvon’s competition skills from motorcycling served him well in snowmobiling, making him the driver to beat throughout Canada and the United States. He was a top driver in both countries, winning the World’s Championship and most other major titles in 1970. DuHamel gave Ski-Doo the brand’s only victory in the Winnipeg-to-St. Paul I- 500 in 1972.

In addition to being a great racing professional, Yvon had a friendly and outgoing personality. His success as an independent racer on behalf of Ski-Doo during the fuel crisis years when they did not field a factory team will always be remembered by racing fans across North America.